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Bankso - Ski Gear Prices

Jordan Author:Jordan posts : 7   (Beginner)Date : 01-09-17 18:13

Bankso - Ski Gear Prices


Going Bankso for my first time, End of January.

What ski shops are the place that everyone goes to on here, to hire out the gear? I already have Ski Boots, I just need some skis / helmet to rent.

Also what are the prices like on ski hire, ski passes, food drink in Bankso

First timer & Cant Wait : Cool Booze Very Happy

Thank you for very much!
williamsfamily Author:williamsfamily posts : 91   (Intermediate)Date : 01-12-17 21:51

re:Bankso - Ski Gear Prices

Currently in bansko. We booked a package in advance via balkan. 146 for skis boots pass lessons. Mrs had a pass only cost about 90. Unsure if its cheaper to prebook. Plenty of ski shops on pirin street. Food multiple places toeat ti ea

williamsfamily Author:williamsfamily posts : 91   (Intermediate)Date : 01-12-17 21:54

re:Bankso - Ski Gear Prices

Multiple places to eat depends on which hotel you are in. Can strongly recommend the queens pub and stonehouse next door. Had a cracking meal for 5 in the stonehouse for 45 including drink. Local beer 4 lev in hotel 1.60
Eggtastico Author:Eggtastico posts : 18   (Beginner)Date : 01-17-17 16:38

re:Bankso - Ski Gear Prices

there are a lot of hire places.
We use Pirin 2000, but there is also george, skimania, etc.
Jordan Author:Jordan posts : 7   (Beginner)Date : 01-20-17 12:57

re:Bankso - Ski Gear Prices

1.60 a lev for a beer at the hotel, need to check that hotel I think haha.

Heard much of the Queens Pub so I will be checking that place out.

Thank you very much for all your feedback.

I'm still not sure how much money I will need for the week for myself. I thought 250 would be more than enough?

Also exchange in the Uk or in Bulgaria for better rates?