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Bansko Snowboarding !

Daniel Author:Daniel posts : 138   (Intermediate)Date : 01-28-17 17:54

Bansko Snowboarding !

Hey all,

I'm coming to Bansko on the 11th Feb - 18th Feb!

I just have 4 quick questions for you.

1. What are the snow conditions like on the mountain ? (Is their enough powder for off-piste runs ?)

2. Do you know about any off piste guides one could get ?

3. Is the snowpark up and what type of features does it have ?

4. What are the best nighclubs/bars to party in ?


Gerry and Sandra Author:Gerry and Sandra posts : 410   (Expert)Date : 02-02-17 21:22

re:Bansko Snowboarding !

Hi Daniel,
If you are going to Bansko the man to cover all of your requests is Steve.
Just search Steve C on this site and contact him.
He will guide you off piste in the day and on the piste around Bansko at night.
But beware, you need stamina, it is not everybody that can ski or board down the river Glazne at 3.00 am, but we are reliably told that it is possible with enough home made rakia.
Daniel Author:Daniel posts : 138   (Intermediate)Date : 02-04-17 16:58

re:Bansko Snowboarding !

Couldn't find a Steve C on this site...

What are the weather conditions like in Bansko atm ? As online they are not looking too good