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Jan 21st Skiing

John Author:John posts : 255   (Expert)Date : 01-10-17 20:32

Jan 21st Skiing


I've booked to go to Borovets on Jan 21st - 28th and I am a pretty decent skier.

The 2 people I'm doing with are beginner boarders. Would anyone advise booking into ski school? And, has anybody has group skiing lessons in Borovets - if so - would you recommend it?

Hoping for good weather!!
Purefire Author:Purefire posts : 13   (Beginner)Date : 01-12-17 00:35

re:Jan 21st Skiing

Hi John,

Did you post this to j2ski forum by any chance? if yes, I ve replied there too,just earlier today!

Samokov ski school is very good! I've used them every time..I've seen positive comments for Hunters Ski School too.. hope that helps.. Smile