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Kids skiing - age 6 - Borovets

JohnX Author:JohnX posts : 3   (Beginner)Date : 10-01-16 17:44

Kids skiing - age 6 - Borovets

Hi all,

Can anyone advise regarding lesson option for 6 year old. He can already ski, currently turning and controlling speed on blue run.

Kind regards

Gerry and Sandra Author:Gerry and Sandra posts : 410   (Expert)Date : 10-03-16 12:07

re:Kids skiing - age 6 - Borovets

Hi John,
You should be okay for him to go into ski school at 6 years old especially as he already has some experience.
Private lessons would be the other option, he would learn faster but of course it is more expensive.
Lots of good options in Borovets if that is where you are heading for.
Doveski7 Author:Doveski7 posts : 137   (Intermediate)Date : 10-04-16 00:00

re:Kids skiing - age 6 - Borovets

Ski school definitely. Gives u guys a chance to blast as well
Maybe get some one to one as well
JohnX Author:JohnX posts : 3   (Beginner)Date : 10-08-16 17:42

re:Kids skiing - age 6 - Borovets

Thanks guys,

Thanks for the last couple of replies.

Can you name schools that deal with kids, (group lessons.)


john Author:john posts : 255   (Expert)Date : 10-20-16 14:32

re:Kids skiing - age 6 - Borovets

Hi . Pretty sure borosport have an age limit of 7 for ski school but other independent schools like hunters , carvers etc will take a 6 yr old that can keep up with a beginners group or above