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Stephen Author:Stephen posts : 194   (Intermediate)Date : 09-29-16 16:12



We will be travelling to Borovets in February as a large mixed group consisting of skiers of mixed abilty.

I can hire the ski's and ski school from various suppliers however we require Kindergraten ski for a few of the kids.

We will be staying up by the Rila hotel. Can someone tell me if the Rila or another ski hire place near the top end of Borovets offer Kindergarten and if so can they have me with any info??


Gerry and Sandra Author:Gerry and Sandra posts : 410   (Expert)Date : 10-01-16 11:48


Hi Stephen,
The Rila Hotel has a kindergarten.
Doveski7 Author:Doveski7 posts : 137   (Intermediate)Date : 10-03-16 23:55


I think file is best option but my two got very bored as not much English spoken.
This season ive booked private lessons