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Night drive from Bansko

galj Author:galj posts : 1   (Beginner)Date : 10-18-16 19:46

Night drive from Bansko

I'm planning a Ski vacation at Bansko on the upcoming winter of 2017,
what can you tell me about the roads leading from Bansko back to Sofia, is it a safe drive at night time? are the roads dark and icy or renovated and easy to drive? is it possible to leave Bansko at around 17:00 and get to Sofia by 21:00?

bansko-sports Author:bansko-sports posts : 41   (Beginner)Date : 10-18-16 22:46

re:Night drive from Bansko

Good Evening and Welcome to Bulgaria Ski Forum , the road from Bansko to the new motorway is a nice steady drive, depending on road condition's , if snowy drive to the condition's.
Then you join main new motorway etc and it's plain sailing to Sofia ring road .
Give yourself a max of 3 hour's , so you can drive to any changing condition's and also maybe have a break , half way through your journey .