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Prices in Pamporovo

julie Author:julie posts : 728   (Expert)Date : 12-13-18 18:20

Prices in Pamporovo

Hi All
I would be most grateful if someone could let me know the prices in pamporovo resort

For example;
A pint of beer
Glass of wine
Hot choc or soft drinks
Lunch on the mountain etc ?

We are a large family on a budget and do have an apartment so wondering how often we can eat out

Thank you in advance and really appreciate any tips or recommendations
julie Author:julie posts : 728   (Expert)Date : 12-20-18 14:17
Joff Author:Joff posts : 251   (Expert)Date : 12-31-18 14:32

re:Prices in Pamporovo

Hi Julie

Depending on what you want you can get lunch + a drink for under a fiver on the slopes. A pint is around 4-5 leva (2-2.5 Euros) so generally it is cheaper than at home.