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Private snowboard instructor in Bansko

Ari bri Author:Ari bri posts : 1   (Beginner)Date : 03-23-16 19:49

Private snowboard instructor in Bansko


This is my second time in Bansko. and i'm looking for private snowboard instructor.

I don't want to go to the schools, cause i took instructor from big school before and all of them were very bad.

And you pay a lot of money to the school, the teacher get none and dont want to work .

Do you have any rec?
I will help me a lot

bansko-sports Author:bansko-sports posts : 41   (Beginner)Date : 06-04-16 19:52

re:Private snowboard instructor in Bansko

Private tuition in Bansko isn't expensive at all , if you go to the right school or instructor .

We have several on our books , so if you need one next year if you return , you can contact us

Kind regards