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Rapidly disappearing snow

Doveski7 Author:Doveski7 posts : 137   (Intermediate)Date : 04-01-16 00:20

Rapidly disappearing snow

Nice. I did it last year which was a bit risky.
I'm gonna knock it on the head for this year and come out for a long vweekend in June instead
Gerry and Sandra Author:Gerry and Sandra posts : 410   (Expert)Date : 04-02-16 19:19

re:Rapidly disappearing snow

It is still good on the top, Spring conditions though, bit icy to start then very good and slushy at the end of the day.
The irony of coming in June is that there will still be quite a bit of snow up higher but unfortunately not for skiing.
Last year we were walking with a group the first week of July and we still had to cross snow in places.