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Snow in Bansko?

Funski Author:Funski posts : 364   (Expert)Date : 01-16-17 08:46

Snow in Bansko?

Morning everyone

Great to see lots of snow on the mountain in Bansko

We are coming out on 21st Jan ... can anyone tell me if there is actually any snow in the village?


williamsfamily Author:williamsfamily posts : 91   (Intermediate)Date : 01-16-17 11:53

re:Snow in Bansko?

We left on sat village snow was melting on roads and pavements. Ski road fully open though
Niki Author:Niki posts : 213   (Intermediate)Date : 01-16-17 19:23

re:Snow in Bansko?

You should check out Lance on Bansko blog for live web cam outside Kempinski and in town at crossroads, snowing today and more forecast. Yippee
Funski Author:Funski posts : 364   (Expert)Date : 01-17-17 00:53

re:Snow in Bansko?

That's great .. thank you both

This will be my ninth visit to Bansko and we normally go in March which usually means good snow dumpings

I must say this amount of snow for January is unprecedented which is fantastic ... Bring it on I say .............

Very Happy Booze Booze