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balkan ski room at pamporovo

Helen Draper Author:Helen Draper posts : 1   (Beginner)Date : 10-29-17 14:23

balkan ski room at pamporovo

I have tried to reply to the last message regarding the above but failed so thought I would do it this way.

If you have used crystal in the past you know their ski depot is on the ground floor.

Balkan uses the same building but the ski room is on the first floor. We have been using Balkan for a few years and never had a problem and it is always cheaper than crystal.
joanne scarrott Author:joanne scarrott posts : 20   (Beginner)Date : 10-30-17 10:21

re:balkan ski room at pamporovo

Thanks for reply, so they are def at Malina? Been with Balkan loads in previous years, just didn't want to go to the newer ski centre in resort near the bank