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Invasion Role Call !

david armstrong Author:david armstrong posts : 35   (Beginner)Date : 01-19-16 21:18

re:Invasion Role Call !

Landing 30th Jan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sune Author:Sune posts : 1354   (Master)Date : 01-20-16 10:49

re:Invasion Role Call !

Hello Troops,

the little green bottle is the first try and is in experimental and Boon is the little white mouse...

For the other forces I will developed a better brew in Carvers, so be carefull to visit the bio-chemical labor
I got the glasboots in there and some more nice colored bottles

Sune Booze
Robert C Author:Robert C posts : 507   (Expert)Date : 01-20-16 17:30

re:Invasion Role Call !

Arriving on the 25th Feb, Captain.
I will make a note of the entry and exit points and have them ready for your arrival so you can plan your strategy. Booze
Manc Tom Author:Manc Tom posts : 2281   (Master)Date : 01-20-16 18:16

re:Invasion Role Call !

Hay Boon,

Sune thinks you are a mouse !!! Oh dear, I am sure that will not go down well in your rugby circles. Good challenge for you though take on the green bottle and we have won a tremendous victory !!

So Sune is the chemical warfare expert that we are up against , our task then is to drink more of the stuff than he can produce! how hard can that be ????? also we can enlist the help of Bobby, he is always up for a drink or several !!!

Manc Tom ---out
Boon Author:Boon posts : 838   (Expert)Date : 01-20-16 19:23

re:Invasion Role Call !

My experience of training in drinking chemicals should come in useful here Ive been subjected to this sort of experimentation before.

Willing to sacrifice Sir! Will try and neutralise said chemical before your arrival!

White 'Danger' Mouse out!
Manc Tom Author:Manc Tom posts : 2281   (Master)Date : 01-21-16 13:46

re:Invasion Role Call !

Good man Mr Boon ! Your experience is second to none, I am sure that the commander of the opposition forces will do a runner as soon as you commence the operation, as she did last time when you only had to take an item of clothing off !!

Manc Tom -- out
Snow Plough Author:Snow Plough posts : 2669   (Master)Date : 12-14-18 17:28

re:Invasion Role Call !

Rip Van Winkle here, I'm out 1/03/18. Missed last season due to operation recovery so looking foreward to new 6 man Rila and all the extra snow cannons.