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SNOW CANNON UPDATE - BOROVETS - 2ND SEPTKas&Bobby609-02-14 12:49
Sofia to Bansko highway progress?Gareth505-21-14 18:22
2014 Improvements for the upcoming winter season? BanskoGareth407-03-14 14:46
Ryanair to Plovdiv. No weekend flights....Josh608-17-14 23:38
Boro Season 14/15 + Best Prices ----- #gettingexcitedDel Boy1809-01-14 12:33
Bansko Jan who\'s got their tickets booked?Kyle309-08-14 16:04
PHONE APPemjay509-08-14 16:45
bansko half term ?davekl307-20-14 18:28
Really good instructor  newpytek23109-09-14 13:32
Boro Runs - What's your favorite? / Are there any you have never been on?Del Boy509-04-14 15:03
28th March 2015. Snow?Richard Oxford409-03-14 18:27
New Snow Cannons Boro - Kas & Bobby do you know?Del Boy309-01-14 12:53
Last week, the christmas stuff are back in the supermarketsSune208-31-14 19:53
Road to recovery for dbut.Snow Plough1604-20-14 18:48
Pamporovo 2014/15 ImprovementsAdam308-05-14 23:39
Forum EXCEPTIONALLY quiet!Gareth508-01-14 14:32
Weekend in SamokovSune407-03-14 13:38
Snow Cannon Development BorovetsMark Fleming1206-22-14 22:21
Tui fly to Plovdivsimongm505-30-14 03:08
Life your dream, I make my tour "Across Bulgaria" in 2014Sune705-06-14 23:20
Balkan Tours Belfastphilipf305-08-14 22:46
Next Years EasyJetJimmyGee1304-23-14 18:56
Looking for a cheap stay in Pamporovo area 15.juneSune406-03-14 15:07
It's Snowing.Gerry and Sandra205-14-14 17:26
WEB CAMSpabs304-26-14 17:27
Borovtes Lifts?Colin504-17-14 10:06
SnowPeteC704-14-14 14:58
2015 flightsSnow White804-10-14 10:02
Skiing/boarding in MarchChris304-11-14 20:24
Wizz air 2015 release datesMark204-10-14 09:09
Fresh SnowSune204-10-14 10:59
Anyone in Borovez this weekSune304-07-14 18:46
Spring/summer funDel Boy504-02-14 03:27
Ryan Air flights 14/15 season  newSnow White104-01-14 17:12
Looks like the board has dried up for the season...Steve C1203-23-14 14:17
Concern over Russia and Bulgaria?Gareth503-23-14 22:52
Where has Gerry & Sandra's hit gone.Snow Plough03-30-14 01:04
Lift pas reduction in Bansko 1-6 AprilBTI403-25-14 16:57
Musala Pathway, BorovetsCharlie1003-13-14 12:15
Flora apartments for 14th Feb to 21st Feb 2015sam bird503-13-14 12:23
New Year WeekTony Roscoe303-14-14 13:21
2015 InvasionScubasam752003-07-14 19:22
BBC news item on migrants........to Bulgaria  newfraser103-12-14 16:00
Bansko Gondola or Drive Updavid shaw403-07-14 08:39
Newbie questionsMadiba803-08-14 17:26
When does resort closeTestro303-10-14 09:27
Borovets, all the runs open.Gerry and Sandra603-08-14 06:33
Cheap BA flights 2015 already!LaBombaTomba203-10-14 23:16
Bansko report....  newSteve C103-10-14 22:23
Trying to Find  newSam Crockett103-09-14 16:23
amazing time in BobbysNicola Blackmore203-09-14 11:00
Mixed advice on taking money to Borovets...Hannah803-08-14 09:42
BOROVETS CONDITIONS - MARCH 8THKas&Bobby303-08-14 15:10
in pamps nowpsychonaut1103-03-14 19:55
knee deep in fresh powder in Boro: 6.3.14LaBombaTomba703-06-14 20:22
So glad we're here in Boro right now!LaBombaTomba2103-03-14 21:26
Reply by Borosports to complaint made in JanuaryJohn1103-04-14 13:57
Oh Dear, Borovets makes centre spread in The Sunemjay1003-04-14 12:29
Borovets Ski SeasonCharlie702-19-14 13:00