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It's that time of year to say thank youandrew dickson211-27-15 02:50
1st trip to Borovets 21/01 4 nightsLee Millard411-30-15 02:06
Aldi ski kit.  newGerry and Sandra112-01-15 09:36
Restaurants and Prices - BorovetsColin Ray1311-26-15 12:35
Borovets WebcamsSteveT1011-25-15 14:09
haunted Hill Borovets?ian w711-28-15 21:51
Snow cannons running.Gerry and Sandra211-29-15 13:15
Snowing in PamporovoAnother Mark311-28-15 09:58
The snow is coming!Kas&Bobby811-25-15 08:07
1st skiing holiday with family lots of questions.rebecca2911-17-15 16:06
jet2 flights from Newcastleian w211-26-15 22:11
Invasion Role Call !Manc Tom811-20-15 12:54
Snow coverage in pamps for Xmasdona411-23-15 21:45
CurrencyNicola Blackmore1311-11-15 11:57
Sofia to Bansko highway progress?Gareth1605-21-14 18:22
First Show...Sune211-22-15 20:08
When was the first big snow in Borovets in 2014-2015 season? :)Mr. Anderson311-21-15 17:51
I've booked for nett seasonSune411-20-15 23:52
A Little warm up !!!! so to speakManc Tom811-16-15 11:40
Pamporovo skier new to forumMickey1310-30-15 14:50
to all on this site new and old.andrew dickson311-14-15 02:39
Investment property in BorovetsPaul910-27-15 16:56
The old daysandrew dickson211-11-15 02:40
Too early to start planning.Snow Plough2406-28-15 22:37
for pamporovo Pete.  newandrew dickson111-11-15 01:58
Bansko Seasonbansko-sports509-14-15 23:00
SKI KINDERGARDENDoveski7211-06-15 22:42
PARKING IN BORODoveski7411-06-15 22:46
SNOW OR LACK OVbansko-sports411-06-15 18:45
bansko season passnightmuffy411-06-15 13:43
Booking ski packagesMickey411-02-15 03:56
Borovets FirsttimersLuke1010-30-15 12:20
New buildings on the mountain in BanskoFunski211-01-15 11:18
Bansko Shiligarnika Lift ReplacementDean407-16-15 10:28
Bansko 2016 Season ImprovementsBrian Cunningham908-28-15 16:50
First Trip To BorovetsSean510-31-15 10:14
Pamporovo Link to ChepelarePamporovo Villager (Ex Forest Nooky)309-23-15 21:58
Pamps new chairliftsimongm1309-18-15 18:32
WebcamsJohn Dutson410-22-15 22:15
Stand By-Stand ByManc Tom1209-24-15 14:24
47 rtn sofia to boro for 7  newNicola Blackmore110-21-15 19:07
Wizzair. Bristol to Sofia.Gerry and Sandra410-13-15 14:56
A little invasion dittyManc Tom910-06-15 18:32
Anyone for a beer in Bansko next week?Sune810-08-15 20:45
New Rail link to Borovetssean and kate gallagher409-18-15 16:34
summer holidays in bulgariaSune310-07-15 23:06
first time family skiiers - which resort would be bestbarbara stanley1409-28-15 16:00
Who start the dancing???Sune410-11-15 15:06
Second Trip to BorovetsSteveT710-13-15 15:18
transfers from sofia to borovets  newNicola Blackmore110-15-15 23:27
some questions about flying with BalkanEggtastico1705-24-15 23:10
Pamporovo March weather??Sarah509-15-15 16:00
Pamps today. ...PowderSeekingPhil2412-26-11 16:55
Next yeardavid armstrong608-21-15 20:42
Need help!stephen208-05-15 18:52
Swindon Snow DomeMike & Chris701-26-15 21:47
New Years in BanskoChris206-09-15 11:23
2016 Booked 27/2Gareth604-15-15 00:32