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PopangelovChrisD602-11-16 10:21
snow in borovetsdean davis802-05-16 21:45
Board Waxing Service in Borovets  newAllan102-11-16 12:19
Yastrebetz Ski LiftCharlie302-11-16 10:51
Restaurants near monastery apartmentsjo501-15-16 11:14
googles and gloves for snowboardlev302-09-16 01:31
Message to High Commanddbut202-09-16 13:01
Whats new in Borovets this year?heapster602-06-16 23:41
Great weekDoveski7302-07-16 22:06
Exchange rate in Borovets please.heapster302-06-16 23:40
Borovets Ski HireJames Saunders502-04-16 12:20
Snow snow snow !!!!!!!!!!!david armstrong602-05-16 07:44
more snow  newdavid armstrong102-05-16 16:56
New snowdavid armstrong402-04-16 16:21
Food Prices!! And spending monies!!MaxCmus92902-03-16 01:40
Rila HotelNick601-25-16 15:01
The snow is coming!Gerry and Sandra502-03-16 07:50
Studenets webcamMartin202-03-16 12:15
alexander hotel @ banyajohn301-31-16 19:51
Newbie HelpHarry1001-29-16 19:48
Mussala PathwayNick1202-01-16 13:54
Bansko 1st Week MarchDarren Relf202-01-16 00:27
Snowboarding lessons for a child needed for half termdona501-31-16 22:17
Exchange rate in resortNick1201-13-16 14:48
Property lawyer wanted in PamporovoSandy Bates201-27-16 12:23
Sun creamMad Mark201-27-16 21:27
Levski/Slavia SofiaNick501-22-16 11:50
Fresh snow in BorovezSune301-26-16 12:49
Pamporovo in MarchOtto501-16-16 14:12
BOROVETS FRESH SNOWpeter o901-16-16 13:23
Bulgarian school half term?Crazeewon501-15-16 22:42
going to snowboarding in Borovets from 23.01.2016)Mr. Anderson201-15-16 21:45
new lift in pampsjo1401-01-16 15:26
Invasion Role Call !Manc Tom1611-20-15 12:54
hotel and ski package pamporovocraig701-12-16 22:07
calling all in pamps now?simongm401-19-16 01:18
Bansko ski runs closed?Gareth301-18-16 13:27
PerfectMad Mark401-18-16 08:50
Over A Foot Of Snow To Hit Pamps This WeekendPamporovo Pete601-16-16 11:46
Bezbog (Dobrinishte) Ski CentreDean301-17-16 23:07
Piste grade reclassification  newGareth101-18-16 13:30
Face  newManc Tom101-18-16 10:21
Camping bedsDoveski7401-08-16 22:24
BOROVETS HOTELS & SNOWCrazeewon1001-12-16 13:54
Flights to Plovdiv ?Jason401-14-16 14:38
Pamps snow at weekendsimongm201-13-16 13:43
Any new snow?Robert TK1512-29-15 01:30
IPSWICH INVASION 23RD JANheadbanger501-03-16 19:40
RIGGGSSSSS!!!!!!  newBoon101-11-16 18:31
Me and the GF Borovets from 27th FebMaxCmus92512-18-15 01:01
pamporovo hotel orlovetzwilliamsfamily201-08-16 00:22
Bansko Half Day Lift Pass? / Things To Do In BanskoDean401-10-16 23:49
helmet camera?ian w1412-19-15 20:09
Snowboarding on Musalarcambrj801-08-16 23:38
Message for Steve CGareth201-07-16 21:22
Rila Hotel - BorovetsNick601-07-16 12:23
gondolapeter o901-04-16 14:45
what about Chepelare ski centre? ??andrew dickson312-27-15 22:11
Care hire company'sDoveski7901-01-16 03:24